1.  NAME :  The name of the organisation shall be:
2.  AIMS :  The aims of the club will be:
    A)  To represent all members of the car club.
    B)  To encourage the involvement of all members of the car club and to promote 
          and support the car club as often as possible.
    C)  To encourage recreation and social activities, this will be open to all members, to
          assist in maintaining good relations between all members of the car club. 
    D)  To work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination within the car club
          by encouraging all members to participate in the car club and its activities.
    E)  To provide regular information on up and coming car shows and events to all of 
          the members.
     Membership of the car club shall be open with equal opportunities for men and women
     regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender, age, sexuality, disability or any other
     potential cause of discrimination.
     Members should at all times conduct themselves in a respectable and reasonable manner 
     when attending club meetings and classic car shows.
     Membership of the Car club is open to members and their family which entitles them to
     Club activities, only one membership card will be issued, and one vote. 
     New members who join during the calendar year will be entitled to full membership
     upon payment of a proportional fee covering the remainder of the year.
     If a member wishes to resign, on termination of their membership, members shall return
     their membership card to the membership secretary.
     The Glamorgan classic car club does not recognise “lifetime” membership.
    Membership fees should be paid on/after the AGM in March.
    - An annual subscription of £12 will be for existing membership, £15 for a family  
    - Membership (One main member and partner, wife or family member), and £12 for new  
    - Membership subscription fees can only be changed at the AGM.  
    - Any member who has failed to pay their annual membership subscription after 6 
      calendar months shall be removed from the register.
     Any member wishing to resign his/her membership can do so by notifying the    
     membership secretary.  There will be no refund of paid membership fees.
    The Car Club shall be managed by a committee (of full paid up membership) who will 
    be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The car club members will ensure its 
    committee is made up of members and or partners (Adults only).  Nominations for 
    Election to the committee must be made by members in a show of hands at the AGM 
    unless otherwise stated.  Should the nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by 
    Not less than _____ members vote for a Chairperson and vice chairperson, other 
    Officers elected should have no less than _____ votes.
    The committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and 
    not more than _____ elected members who should fully represent the car club.
   The office of a chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary shall held for _____ years, and will
   be eligible for re-election after this period.  
   If a vacancies occur among the officers or in the committee, the remaining committee 
   shall have the power to fill them from among their members until the next AGM of the 
   Car club when elections should take place.
   Committee meetings shall be held on a monthly basis, 1 week before the normal monthly 
   The officers shall report to each committee and general meeting on their discussions on 
   topics, interests or decisions.
      The quorum at the committee meeting shall be ______ .  The quorum at the AGM
      and special general meetings shall be one third of the members.
     Every matter, whether a committee or general meeting shall be determined by a majority
     of the present and voting members. Every member (one vote if family membership) 
     shall have a vote except in the case of an equality of votes, when the  chair shall have 
     the second or final casting vote.
     The committee shall have control over affairs and interests of the car club on behalf of   
     the members.  A committee member can tell a member/s to leave the car club if they are  
     being derogative and disrespectful towards other member/s or car club officials. 
     There will be NO expansions or explanations, you will be told to leave on the discretion              
     of the committee.           
     The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held every March, unless a Special General
     Meeting is called by the Chair person.
     The committee shall / can call an Annual General Meeting for the purpose of :-
     Receiving the annual report of the committee and the audited statement of accounts,
     accepting the resignations of committee members and officers, electing a committee
     and officers for the fourth coming year, making recommendations to the committee,
     voting where necessary on proposals to amend the constitution.
     Not less than_____ days notice shall be given to the committee for proposals to amend
     the constitution.
A)  At all meetings and car shows any offensive behaviour including racist, sexist or 
     inflammatory remarks, shall not be permitted.
B)  At all meetings decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of members present and 
C)  Voting at meetings shall be counted and recorded in the minuets.
D)  All meetings must be minuted and the minuets shall be available for inspection by 
      members of the Car club.
E)   Items to be added to the agenda must be with the secretary______ days in advance
      of the meeting.
F)   All comments during the meeting shall be addressed through the Chair person.
G)  If a member is speaking during the meeting they should be allowed to speak without                  
     any interruption from other members, the only member who is allowed to stop them is 
     the Chair person. 
H)  Voting at all committee meetings and at the AGM shall be by a show of hands, unless a 
      written ballot is called for by the Chair person. 
      In cases where the vote is tied, the Chair Person will have the casting vote.
12  FINANCE     
A)  All monies raised by or on behalf of the Car Club shall be applied to further the aim of
     the Car Club and no other purpose. 
B)  The treasurer shall keep an up to date record of accounts and finances for the Car Club
      and be responsible for banking money and also paying out for Car Club items.
C)  The committee shall appoint 4 authorised signatories, cheques can be signed by 2 of
      the authorised signatories.  The signatories shall be committee members or officers 
      who are from different households and are not related to each other.
D)  The accounts shall be audited at least once a year by a qualified auditor or two 
      different club members (appointed by the committee) each time an audit is called for.
E)  The treasurer will make a financial report and present the books for inspection at the 
     The Car Club shall uphold equal opportunities and work for good relations among all its 
     members.  Any conduct of activity such as direct or indirect discrimination, 
     victimisation, segregation or harassment on the grounds of nationality, religious 
     opinion, race, gender, age, sexuality, marital status, disability shall be given a warning.  
     If a members persists on giving inflammatory behaviour the member will be asked to 
     leave and will be given a written warning, if they still continue the committee will hold a 
     meeting to discuss dismissing the member/s from the Car Club.
If the committee, by a simple majority decide to dissolve the Car Club, at least _____days notice of a meeting.  If such a decision shall be confirmed by a majority of them                        present and voting at the meeting, the committee shall have the power to dispose of any
assets held by or in the name of the Car Club.
Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be left up to the Car Club members what to do with the money.
The car club aims to deal with all reported cases of anti-social behaviour / manner within its meetings and car shows, affectively and as quickly as possible.  Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour that causes alarm, distress or harassment to others, this can also include criminal acts, intimidation and threatening behaviour.
A)   Members of the Car Club must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times 
       during meetings and car shows and not to pose as a threat to their fellow members.
B)  If there is an incident between two fellow members of the Car Club, the Chair person 
      and secretary should be informed by letter or e-mail within ten days of the alleged 
      incident by the member/s making the complaint or allegation/s.  The committee 
      members will call a meeting to consider each case. 
C)  The committee shall then meet to discuss the contents of the given letter and if they 
      consider there is a case to be met, they can inform the member/s making the allegations 
      by letter to appear in front of the committee to prepare the member/s defence.
D)   If the member/s does not meet the requirements of this meeting on the time and date 
      given then the meeting shall go ahead as planned in the member/s absence.
E)  If the allegations is proven, the member/s is given a caution re:- unreasonable manner
     to a or other club member/s and informed if there is another incident within a twelve 
     month period, then an automatic expulsion from the Car Club will take place.
This constitution was adopted as the constitution of the 
On the date below by the persons whose signatures appear at the bottom of this document.
This constitution was adopted on the _____ day of _________________ 20
At the meeting held at The Rhondda Bowl
Signed………………………………..................................Chair Person
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