A Brief History of the Glamorgan Classic Car Club

During 1998 there were a few classic car exhibitors who were meeting up at car shows quite regularly, and since they got along, they decided that they would like to be together when attending shows. They knew that the only way to achieve this was to set up a club of their own and get recognized as a car club by organisers of the car shows.

During early 1999, it was decided that a club should be set up in Tonyrefail as four out of the seven original members had ties to the area (one lived in Tonyrefail, two live nearby and one worked in Tonyrefail). The meetings were arranged for the first Tuesday of each month in Tonyrefal Non-Political Club, although at the first meeting, only the original members were present - but still the Glamorgan Classic Car Club was born.

Membership in the first year went from the original seven to nearly fifty, and another twenty five joined in the next year. Now we have over a hundred members. Our club stand regularly have between ten and twenty five member's cars on show, with many more being renovated by other club members - hopefully these will be ready for showing soon!

The club is now recognized as one of the main display clubs in the South Wales region, with cars being shown throughout the South, West and Mid. Wales.

Club meetings are held at The Rhondda Bowl, Tonyrefail at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

All new members will be welcome.

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